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Lame doodles of the boys being affectionate. If you listen closely you can hear my heart exploding in the background.



McCoy in short sleeved shirts tho.

don’t forget

the black

shirt of

holy damn Doctor McCoy

As this is taken from a published novel and intoduced by the actors themselves, I like to think that this is canon. Says a lot... →




Taken from a published novel where all the actors even introduce the stories with personal notes. Interesting read if you read the following:

Spock reached for the computer, and then his hand hesitated. He turned in his seat and looked down at Kirk. In the depths of his eyes something was kindling. His face was intent with what was almost a dawning joy.
Kirk stared back at him with mild alarm. “Mr. Spock?”

“Jim,” Spock said in a whisper, “why do we have to leave here? We can stay. Just you and I. We don’t need those others.”

“He’s off his head.” McCoy grunted. “He’s finally cracked.”

“No. The thing’s finally got to him,” Kirk said, climbing out of the command seat. “It’s offering him the one thing…” He stopped abruptly, realizing that he was giving too much away. He ignored McCoy’s startled look and went up to the Vulcan.

“We can go down to the planet,” Spock explained reasonably. “We can be together, always….”

“Spock! ” Kirk dragged him onto his feet and shook him.

“Jim, you don’t have to hurt me.”

“Snap out of it, or I will hurt you!” Kirk snarled into his face.
Spock shook his head, bewildered. Kirk hit him hard across the face-once, twice, three times. A small trickle of blood ran from the corner of the Vulcan’s mouth. He lowered his eyes and very slightly shook his head. Kirk carefully let him go; and he put a hand against the computer console to steady himself. “I’m sorry,” he murmured, so low that only Kirk could hear. Kirk touched him on the arm and
turned to meet the curious stares of the crew.
“We’ve got a job to do,” he said. “Let’s get back to it.”

It’s from “The Winged Dreamers” in Star Trek: The New Voyages. It’s written by Jennifer Guttridge and introduced by DeForest Kelly. The sequel to the book, Star Trek: The New Voyages 2, has a story written by Nichelle Nichols herself, which is about Kirk’s birthday and spanking is mentioned. Yup.

Showed the excerpt earlier but this has some good extra information about the novel/story collection itself.

william shatner oh my god im just waiting to see how this turns out



So I’m new to this but old to Social Media.  My purpose for being here is to blog about my experiences online and get out of the 140 character limit.

I have tried turning on the /ask feature but it’s just fills my inbox with random posts and questions that I see everywhere else. 

I’m going to try to do something different here - to manage the topic of conversations.  If you follow me you must wait 2 weeks before you can reply (it’s not my rule; it’s Tumblr.)

I look forward to discussing topics.  If you follow me on other social media sites you’ll know I take everything with a bit of fun; hopefully that will continue on this site as well.

I have to get started on my first blog.

My best, Bill

this is the captain of the enterprise. 


Inspired by Kirk’s hot pants. No one is immune to Kirk’s booty. Not even me. Not even Spock.