The needs of the many


Cardassian Ranks and Pips, with the equivalent Starfleet Ranks

hey guys uh life update!! i would like to be called by they/them or he/him pronouns now!! ive been thinking about this a lot and. yeah. ok. bye.


Why do I have the feeling that if Spirk is ever confirmed being canon the shippers will be like



Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes - Star Trek:TNG S2 Gag Reel (x)

Ladies and Gentlemen, on your right you’ll see a Shakespearean actor and a highly respected film/TV director together in their natural habitat…

Some legends are told,
Some turn to dust or to gold

"Companion, do you love the man?"

"I do not understand."


we all have to understand how important the anniversary of amok time airing is. this episode gave us slash it gave us fuck or die this episode is everything, our forebear, our origin, two men humping each other on the burning sand. let us take a moment of silence for theodore sturgeon, star trek, spock and kirk, and how totally out of control this became over time 

astrotheology replied to your post: lets be real here my star trek captain…

mine would be “shitting hell”

"captain, your first officer has not made the check-in time"